Seeking New Opportunities – Fall 2016

As of June of this year, I’ve been “released from employment” by my former employer as part of a global downsizing effort.  After twelve years with Intel Corporation, I am again actively seeking new opportunities.

I am by profession a software developer, with many years of experience developing commercial and custom software using C, C++, Perl and Java.  I also have several years of experience developing licensing and installation solutions for Windows, OSX, and Linux, managing production build systems, and developing software build/test automation.

I have been responsible for computer system management at the team level, business unit, and large enterprise levels throughout my career, managing Unix, Linux, Windows, and OSX systems.  I spent my last two years as the global technology owner for several hundred NetApp NAS systems that served several thousand design engineers.  I also have deep domain knowledge of electronic CAD and CAM software solutions, based on decades working for Tektronix, Mitron Corporation, and Cadence Design Systems.  In addition, I perform copy editing and prepublication formatting services for non-fiction and fiction content.

At present, I am focused on 3D modeling work for game development, simulation and site design using Autodesk 3DS Max.

If you are looking for help in any of the above areas, please reach out via email or contact me through Linked-In.



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