Consulting Page – Update for Fall 2016

If you need short term help that is not with the scope of my Free Advice page, here is a breakdown for soliciting other forms of help.

General Software and Technology Advice

OPINION CONSULT$50 – A brief written summary (200 words or less) stating a qualified technical opinion on a specific area, offered without warranty and without benefit of additional research.  To proceed, send anemail to advice @ with the details of your request.

ASSESSMENT CONSULT$200 – A longer report (500 words or less) stating an opinion or recommendation on a specific area, offered without warranty, but with the benefit of up to an hour of research, which may be on-line, telephone, or other research.  This assessment could include reviewing of someone else’s work, with a summary commentary on the requested subject.  To proceed, send an email to advice@ with the details of your request.

PROPOSAL CONSULT- $500 – A project proposal or other more detailed technical assessment  (10 formatted pages or less) specifying a proposed solution approach to a specific technical, writing, or business problem, with rough resource estimates and talking points that might, with due cooperation, result in some form of consulting plan or outsourcing arrangement to get something developed.  This is not a specification or a contract.  No documents produced by me should be considered legal advice.  The PROPOSAL CONSULT is something to be used by you, the CUSTOMER, to achieve some end.  The proposal or other similar information package is built for your use, but the subject of the proposal is not necessarily something that I propose to design, build, or deliver for you.   To proceed,  send email to advice@ with the details of your request.


Writing and Critique Work

FICTION EDITING CONSULT – OVERVIEW CRITIQUE – $1 / PAGE (min $50) – If you have a fiction work, whether short story, novella or novel length, I will provide you with an overall assessment of your work for the given rate, with a $50 minimum per individual work.  I am willing to assess science fiction, fantasy, horror, general fiction, western and detective fiction.  I will not review romance or paranormal romance work.  The review that is delivered to you is intended for your use only.  This is not a service to provide reviews for publication.  To proceed, send email to advice @ with the details of your request.

FICTION EDITING CONSULT – LINE EDITING  – $2 / PAGE (min $150) – If you have a fiction work, whether short story, novella or novel length,

I will provide you with a detailed, line-edited version of your work, along with an overall  assessment of your work for the given rate, with a $150 minimum per individual work.  I am willing to line edit  science fiction, fantasy, horror, general fiction, western and detective fiction and non-fiction.  I will not review romance or paranormal romance work.  The review that is delivered to you is intended for your use only.  This is not a service to provide reviews for publication.  To proceed, send an email to advice @ with the details of your request.

FICTION and NON-FICTION REVIEWS – $1 / PAGE (min $100) – If you have a fiction or non-fiction work, whether article, short story, novella or novel length, I will provide you with a detailed review of the work, suitable for publication.  The fee is a $100 minimum per individual work.  I am willing to line edit science fiction, fantasy, horror, general fiction, western and detective fiction.  I will not review romance or paranormal romance work.  The review that is delivered to you may be published in any media, but my byline must be included and these rates are first time North American online OR print media only.  If you have other rights in mind, please contact me prior to submitting your work.  You are not obligated to publish the provided review.  To proceed, send  email to advice @ with the details of your request.

NON-FICTION ARTICLES or BOOK SECTIONS – $0.10 / WORD (min $200) – If you have a need for a non-fiction article on any number of possible technical or non-technical topics, please send a specification or content concept notion for the article or special book chapter you need, via email to advice @, and I will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 7 days) as to whether I can provide you with the content you are looking for in a time frame that meets your needs.  

My terms of use for such content vary depending on the venue and on whether my name will remain attached to the final product.  Topics covered for previous works include but are not limited to: computer game engine performance analysis, game mod development, game content development pipeline management, 3D modeling data format transformation, artificial intelligence for games, paranormal investigation, automated photography technology, short story plotting techniques, dynamic story engine technology, electronic magazine publishing, on-line community development, space exploration promotion via social media, network security, open source firewalls, electronic privacy, software encryption, software licensing, and dogmatic religion deprogramming methods.

If yours is a fledgling publication, I am still willing to participate in your content creation process.  Do not, however, ask me to contribute “for shares”, for “the personal satisfaction of seeing my work in print”, because it is a worthy cause (whether it is or not), or because “this is the kind of opportunity my writing career needs to take it to the next level”.  Take all of your “art is above commerce” notions, if you have them, and cram them neatly into the most nearby inconvenient orifice.

Exceptions: Politics, spirituality, and philosophy.  Here the reality is that commerce just ain’t subject friendly in many cases.  If you know me well enough to know my spiritual leanings, my political views, or my personal philosophy and you want me to help you with content for a publication that does not royally suck, just let me know what you need.  If you don’t, but you’re holding out hope that I am like-minded, take a shot and ask me.  I will let you know if I can help.

Web Services


I no longer develop websites for small businesses, other than very simple two to three page sites as described below.  If you have a small business or non-profit venture that needs a web presence and you would like a bit of help on how to get started, send me an email and I will respond with info on how to very easily get a WordPress site going for you.


If you are looking for support for a potentially high traffic site, complete with an on-line store for your various personally developed inventory, I’m not here for you.  But if you have a low bandwidth need to have a website running under your own domain name , and you need some help to make it happen, AND you are willing to learn some basic WordPress technology yourself, AND you have no expectations for significant hand-holding, I am willing to help you get started.   I will not enable control panel access, but I will enable WordPress admin access.  For $150, I will do the following:

  • Register your domain name for you (via GoDaddy or other registrar of my choice)
    • If you have your own domain name already, I will work with you to get the DNS servers to point to the correct location.
  • Build you a basic site with a template WordPress theme
    • The website for my  web hosting business entity, WAVEWURX, is a good example of a simple two-page site.  See it at .
  • Set up three email accounts with 20 MB mailboxes (accessible via POP/IMAP/SMTP).
    • Alternatively, I can set up some email forwarders which will send your domain email to your favorite gmail, hotmail, or other mail service addresses.
  • Establish a WordPress admin account and a test user account for your use, if you intend to use WordPress as part of your site offerings.
  • If you do not intend to use WordPress, I will offer a simple, clean two page website with minor wordsmithing support, using templates available from a recent edition of Xara Web Designer, helping you create a simple site that will look professional in computer browers as well as on mobile devices.
After the first year, if you have not disappeared, I will transfer the ownership of the domain name to you for no fee above what is charged by the registration services.  I will help you relocated your site to one of the many affordable and safe web hosting companies.  The intent of this service is to help self-employed, small business and non-profit entities get started on having their own website.
SERVICE RESTRICTIONS: If your site is not about your hobbies, your family, your personal business or some other benign and positive activity, this may not be the place for you.  No sites promoting violence, sexism, racism, intolerance based on gender preference or related issues, extremist nationalism, or other hate subjects will be supported or tolerated. You have an obligation to communicate the nature of your site before we begin our partnership.  You are not granted any special right to deviate from that basic position.  If you find this policy too restrictive or otherwise problematic, save us both the trouble and go elsewhere.  If I find your site has this kind of content, and your content is sufficiently provocative, I will archive your content to an optical disk, and mail the disk to you with a prorated refund for the unused portion of your subscription.  I will then initiate transfer of the domain name to you, if your funding allows.  Then your content and site will disappear or will be redirected to a “Sorry we let a dumb ass into our nest” apology site.  If your site becomes extremely high traffic (> 100 MB per month), we will have to negotiate a higher fee structure or find you a new hosting home.  I do not intend to punish you for being successful, so I will help you find a more suitable home for your content if what you bring to the net turns out to be one of the Next Big Viral Things.  This service is for low bandwidth, low controversy niche content.  It is not intended to support file exchanges, video displays, or other high impact content.


Non-Profit Help


I do occasional pro bono system administration and web development consulting work for non-profit and education related groups and projects of merit, said merit to be assessed by me based on your requests.  If you have a request, send a detailed description of the scope of work along with your 501(c)3 credentials or other confirmation of non-profit status.  Please send a reasonably concise written case for your non-profit’s contribution to World Peace and Universal Harmony.  Also, please explain the organizational structure of your team.  If you are one of the many groups who have ten non-technical managers and “idea persons” for every team member actually doing the work, please don’t even ask, as I’ve been there already.  Note that I have a soft spot in my heart for heathen and paranormal groups and individuals. If your request is well formed and well received, I may also include free web hosting for one to two years.

Software Development

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING – Back on the menu, boys and girls!

To avoid all possible conflict of interest problems with my Day Job position, I have not done software contracting for several years.

Since I am not actively writing any code for my non-existent Day Job at this time, however, I will consider helping with game software development for projects based on C, C++, Python or other scripting languages, especially if you need help on game AI or any emerging “dynamic content management” features.  If this is a bona fide freeware project and not a thinly disguised make-students-code-for-free scheme, let me know.  If your concept is strong enough and your developers are not complete fascists, I may be willing to devote a chunk of time for your efforts for no fee other than the appreciate of the game dev team.

I am also willing to do short term coding assignments of 2-6 weeks in commercial application space.  If this work involved Electronic/PCB CAD or CAM, however, the price for my contribution will start at $100 an hour and have a $4K minimum.  If you have such a project in mind, but don’t want to pay the fee, don’t ask.   Thank you.

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